Liberal Arts and Science (LAS)
Education city, Doha, Qatar 40,000 sq. m

ABOUT THE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCE (LAS): The Liberal Arts and Sciences building (LAS) is a main gathering point for all students residing in Education City. The building’s traditional mosaic-centered design is indicative of the crystalline structure of sand and was modeled after traditional Arabic elements while introducing new interpretations of geometric patterns derived from widely applied traditional motives.


  • The design is based on three principles: ‘Double roof/double wall’ to shield against heat.
  • The entire building is also wrapped by a secondary skin of glass fiber reinforced concrete panels. ‘Mosaic’ -an arrangement of internal atriums and external courtyards evokes the mosaic-like layout of a typical Islamic city. ‘Geometric pattern’ -a quasi-crystal pattern, based on 90, 60 and 30 degree parallelograms, is used for the facade and aluminum shades.
  • The building can accommodate over 600 students
  • The building comprises two levels in addition to an underground parking facility
  • It is home to a series of classrooms, lounges, computer labs, and a library and a cafeteria in the lower level. While the upper level hosts the resource learning center, administration offices, meeting areas and lecture halls.