Northwestern University in Qatar
Education city, Doha, Qatar 37,780 sq. m


Antoine Predock’s vision for the Northwestern University of Qatar building has been described as “state-of-the-art,” incorporating the needs of the whole curricula. It is designed to foster “informal faculty-student relations and inspire student to student interaction. ”The building also includes multi-media “nodes” equipped with video screens and informal presentation areas. The new facility will house a growing program with an emphasis on digital and global operations for communication, journalism, and liberal arts programs


  • A pioneering studio housing Media production Facilities (TV and Radio). 
  • The building has multiple sections dedicated to Journalism including a universal newsroom, auditorium, and multiple studios including a large production studio.
  • The University also has theatrical facilities such as Projection Theater, Black Box Theater, research & reference library containing electronic, print and DVD materials, office spaces, conference & seminar rooms, student facilities.
  • The University also boasts and large open common spaces, such as the ‘Gathering Area’ and ‘The Forum’ with state of the art media wall.
  • The building resembles a large travertine, rising skyward to resemble a natural desert formation.
  • The facility is abounded with vegetated terraces and courtyards.
  • A special feature of the building will include an exhibits pace serving as an informative and engaging hub for understanding the past, present and future of communication and media.
  • The building car park is naturally ventilated via landscaped wind scoops.
  • The media mesh in the public entrance is a unique regional tradition.
  • The building is being built to obtain LEED GOLD certification on completion and provide a close link between nature and modern technology.