Awsaj Academy
Education City, Doha, Qatar 25,000 sq. m

ABOUT AWSAJ ACADEMY: located in the North Western area of Education City, south of the Dukhan highway, the Academy is designed to cater for the needs of children with learning difficulties. The construction of the school is planned in two phases: 85% will be completed in the first phase, while the rest of the shell space will be left unfinished, to be completed later on according to the needs and demand for the facility The school is designed to be warm and hospitable for students, with a vibrant atmosphere in order to create interest and excitement towards education. Notably, Awsaj provides campus facilities not only for its students, but also for the general public as well.


Building includes:

  • educational spaces for grades Pre-Kinder through to Year 12.
  • The facility consists of two units: Awsaj Academy and Awsaj Teaching and Learning Centre.
  • The site has a central area containing the school theatre, administration zone and the library.
  • In the northern area of the site, there is a satellite sports building which has an indoor swimming pool, a large Gymnasium and a VIP viewing gallery overlooking the outdoor football pitch.