Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service (SFSQ)
Education City, Doha, Qatar 40,000 sq. m


ABOUT THE GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF FOREIGN SERVICES (SFSQ): As one of the world’s leading universities in international affairs, the Doha campus of Georgetown University in Qatar was designed to achieve an atmosphere of home. This design aspect enables students to feel comfortable, an element strongly considered to be conducive to improving student’s academic work. The building is composed of several small sections, all interconnected and leading to common areas. The main entrance is connected to Education City’s “Green Spine” to the south, through a pleasant pedestrian area with sculptures along the way.

Courtyards and atriums are interspersed throughout the complex to create a relaxed environment and promote a sense of privacy. Special attention is given to the outdoor environment. The large space and water features refresh and ventilate the spaces around them.


  • Designed by Ricardo Legorreta the prolific Mexican architect (Legorretta+Legorreta).
  • The building features a three-story high atrium with high end finishes.
  • It has an auditorium with a seating capacity for 350 people, installed with permanent cameras to allow digital capture of lectures for transmission and post production editing.
  • The auditorium is also equipped with a Language Translation system. 
  • There are14 classrooms and lecture halls to provide students with an inviting and functional space for learning and activities
  • There is ample outdoor space and courtyards and that allow natural light to penetrate into the building’s interior.
  • The building provides the highest Audio-visual experience in 53 rooms (classrooms and conference rooms).
  • The building also includes an extensive library and a collection of water features inside and outside the building, which add to the character and sense of openness.