Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre
Ar-Rayyan, Qatar 1,060,000 sq.m

ABOUT AL SHAQAB EQUESTRIAN CENTRE: Qatar’s affinity for horses goes back centuries. Al Shaqab takes its name from the pivotal historic battle against the Ottomans in 1893, where the victory by Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani proclaimed Qatar’s national independence.

 Al Shaqab is the equestrian center par excellence in the Arab world and beyond, for the training of both horse and rider. Al Shaqab’s philosophy is to produce horses that are not just beautiful and athletic but specimens that exemplify great character. 

They must be strong and developed to bear their riders, as they historically did in the past with Qatar’s ancestors. A proud home of the Qatari National Equestrian Team, the Endurance Center at Al Shaqab prepares Qatari competitors for national, regional and international endurance events.


  • The master plan is set out in a circular configuration, resembling a horseshoe. 
  • The perimeter ancillary buildings house the stables, equine training and hospital facilities, establishing a protective courtyard for the centrally located Emir’s stables and the performance arena.
  • A single roof that covers all three primary activities namely: the eastern end which houses the warm up arena, the western end which houses the indoor performance arena, and the central area which houses the outdoor performance arena.
  • The air conditioned indoor arena has a ‘field of play’ measuring 100 meters by 60 meters, and can accommodate3,284 spectators.
  • The outdoor arena, which is semi roofed, has a ‘field of play’ measuring 120 meters by 80 meters, and can accommodate 2,110 spectators.
  • The warm up arena is used to prepare the horses immediately prior to a competition. It has a ‘field of play’ measuring 90 meters by 30 meters, and can accommodate 826 spectators.