Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art
Al-Luqta Street, Doha, Qatar 5500 m2

ABOUT MATHAF: Mathaf, which means “museum” in Arabic, is designed to be used as an inspiring space for dialogue and learning about modern and contemporary art in Qatar, the region, and the world.

The museum houses 8,000 works spanning the 1840s to the present.

The property, which was an originally an old school, has been completely redesigned and reimagined. Architect Jean-François Bodin, was brought in to create a relic of Qatar’s history into a modern icon. The aim for Mathaf is to have numerous collections, galleries, and facilities. The art is modern and represents the full spectrum of genres being produced across the Arab world.

The structure has a real sense of balance, as Bodin has designed the building in such a manner where the old blends in with the new. This is reflected in the design, namely, the commitment to the educative possibilities of art which have been incorporated with a functional use of form.


  • Building includes: cafeteria and food services, VIP lounge, offices, galleries, public spaces, souvenir shop, library, security room and other back of house spaces.
  • At the entrance, there is a shaded terrace with a facade that acts as a screen.
  • The exhibitions and programs are housed in a 5,500-square-meter facility that includes galleries on two floors.
  • Visitors can enter Mathaf through a terrace that features a shaded outdoor seating area which is part of the café.
  • From the terrace, visitors will be able to pass through a screen-wrapped scaffolding-style façade, upon which still imagery and videos can be projected at night.
  • It possesses its own research center and educational facilities.