Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ)
Education city, Doha, Qatar 61,389 sq.

ABOUT THE TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY AT QATAR (TAMUQ): The Doha campus main entrance of one of the world’s leading engineering schools; situated in the TAMUQ building, contains of a megalithic 2.23 tons of solid bronze . It is so large that it had to be installed in one piece by forklift.  In addition to this magnificent structure, there are four fountain courtyards, all of which are slightly different to each other, but have been developed on the same principles of light and shadow and their effect on water. Within the atrium there is a star-shaped pool, a pattern suggestive of the infinite that echoes throughout the building.


  • The campus features state-of-the-art teaching laboratories, lecture halls, classrooms, computer laboratories, workrooms, offices, meeting rooms, courtyards a library, a student lounge, a prayer room and supporting spaces. This includes 30 research labs, 27 course halls, eight research offices, 20 graduate offices, 3 lecture halls, 3 lecture rooms, 8 classrooms, a CAVE lab and 4 computer labs covering programs for Mechanical, Electrical, and Petroleum Engineering.
  • The facility is made up of two main masses, an academic quadrangle and a research cloister with an administration section connecting the two.
  • The main entrance features a solid bronze door. The door weighs 2.5 tons and had to be installed in one piece by forklift.
  • There are four outdoor courtyards located within the Texas A&M Engineering Building. Each courtyard is different, yet still contains the architect’s signature vestige of light and water fountains.
  • The library is spread over two floors.
  • The lecture theater has a wooden door that mirrors the main entrance .
  • The star patterns play all the way through, giving the whole place a celestial and eternal feel.