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Project & Program Management

No matter the size or complexity of your project, we ensure that it's delivered on time and within budget. Together we define, plan, implement and integrate every aspect of your project, ensuring that it meets all your goals and objectives.
We aim to deliver projects to the highest quality, while maintaining the overall efficiency from initiation to completion. This approach ensures a stable operation, and strikes the perfect balance between time and quality. 
We establish priorities and coordinate activities with all stakeholders to ensure that your project is delivered safely and to the highest international standards, working closely with you along the way, turning your vision into reality.
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Construction Management

Managing your costs, ensuring quality, and keeping things running smoothly is our primary objective. We always aim to effectively reduce costs, ensure high-quality delivery, and minimize delays in project development, while adhering to applicable codes, rules and regulations. 

We offer comprehensive construction management expertise to effectively minimize delays in project development covering: 

  • Bid Management
  • Constructability reviews
  • Tender management
  • Workers Welfare management
  • QA/QC implementation & management
  • Close-out & handover management
  • Infrastructure management


Commercial Management

Providing the framework and guidance you need to cover the most common tasks for your construction project. We pro-actively manage costs throughout your entire project life-cycle, ensuring you maximise returns on low margin profits.

Our Commercial Management services play an important role in the commercial and financial success of a construction project, providing the framework and guidance you need to cover the most common tasks for your construction project. We proactively manage costs throughout the entire project life-cycle, ensuring you maximize returns on low margin profits.

  • Cost & budget management
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Change management
  • Contract administration
  • Procurement management
  • Project commercial auditing
  • Value management
  • Claims & dispute management
  • Feasibility & project cost estimations

Commissioning Management

Commissioning activities are vital for the successful completion of construction projects. We provide commissioning management services that are flexible and adaptable, enabling us to meet all your needs throughout your project development. 

Together, we define project requirements and review designs to ensure maintainability, operability, energy efficiency, sustainability, constructability, and compliance. We develop a comprehensive commissioning plan with project specifications and review contractor submittals and installation works, creating procedures, method statements, and forms to verify and document your project functionality. 

Throughout close out, we initiate functionality tests and document project operations, developing a commissioning report and system manual to support future maintenance of your project. We verify the development of the building owner’s manual and execute operational and maintenance training. 

Even when your project is complete, we conduct post-occupancy inspections and tests to verify proper operation and maintenance, ensuring everything is running smoothly. 

Design Management

With the primary goal to ensure your vision is accomplished, we provide comprehensive design management services while incorporating sustainability initiatives. 

We develop concepts and schemes, providing technical support, advice and management throughout every stage of project development, ensuring the design adheres to the highest industry standards. Our aim is to exceed your expectations at every stage, harnessing the latest technology to deliver visionary, state-of-the-art and financially viable projects. We provide:

  • BIM management
  • Sustainability management
  • Master planning management
  • Design reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Risk Management

    We proactively manage risk so that preventive action can be taken while highlighting possible opportunities that may be beneficial to your project. 

    Our team explores and identifies critical interfaces in conjunction with the project environment, enabling the adoption of relevant strategies to mitigate possible threats and enhance potential opportunities. This ensures risks are effectively identified, assessed, analysed and managed to support the successful delivery of your project.

    To ensure you are fully aware of potential impacts, we apply analytical risk tools and techniques to enable more accurate information when forecasting time and cost contingencies, taking uncertainties into account at an early stage. We cover:

    • Identification
    • Assessment
    • Qualitative & quantitative risk analysis
    • Monitoring & control



    Claims Management

    Our specialist team has a wide range of skills and experience built up over many years in the fields of claim preparation and assessment, claims and dispute avoidance and resolution, contract drafting and project audits. We provide:

    • Assessment and advisory claims consultancy services in terms of contractual entitlement, delay and disruption analysis and quantum evaluation
    • Claims management, negotiation and settlement
    • Advice on claims avoidance through contract drafting and best practice
    • Risk advice and management in terms of advising clients on the likelihood of a claim being successful/unsuccessful, and/or progressing to resolution through the courts or arbitration
    • Alternative dispute resolution – expert opinion, conciliation, mediation contract review, including drafting of relevant contract clauses
    • Arbitration and litigation support
    • Contract administration training project/process audits

    Advisory Services


    The construction industry around the world is becoming increasingly complex. We understand the challenges faced within this industry and support your projects with specialized expertise, using seamless processes, plans and strategies to reduce potential risk and cost and achieve better results.

    • Project initiation management
    • Development & feasibility
    • Client representation
    • Condition assessments
    • 3rd party reviews
    • Expert services
    • Compliance assessments


    Staff Augmentation

    We understand that changes throughout the development of a project may arise, resulting in an increased workload. Our staff augmentation services are flexible and ready to meet any of your business requirements.

    We evaluate existing staff and provide skilled professionals to work under your direction, offering an experienced, efficient and collaborative approach to staffing. Our team helps you manage staff needs and fill skill gaps to meet aggressive project timelines.

    As a true partner, we support your business goals with technical industry experience that accelerates the development of your project, promoting faster turnover and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training.

    Design SERVICES 

    We collaborate with you to design solutions that leave a legacy for generations to come. Our comprehensive design services cater to your every need, transforming your vision into reality for single or multiple complex building and infrastructure projects.
    Using the latest technologies, we provide a brand conscious approach while incorporating safety, functionality and sustainability into your project, placing an emphasis on understanding your vision and bringing it to life. 
    From architecture to master planning, we always aim to provide a high quality, sustainable environment for people, communities and cities.

    Master Planning

    We provide you with a road map, defining the path to successfully deliver your project or program. We always build in flexibility to accommodate any changes in the lifecycle of the development of your project or program.

    Throughout the entire development of your project or program, our team works diligently to ensure that your goals and objectives are met, providing design reviews of the master plan, and technical feasibility studies at all design stages. 

    We provide you with options that work in your best interest to define your project or program criteria and scope of services, while ensuring adequate technical follow-ups and coordination with stakeholders, third party developers, tenants and consultants involved in the project or program. 

    Effectively combining your requirements with the latest trends in urban planning, sustainability, technology, and human behaviour, we take all factors into consideration including:

  • Alterations to statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Socio-economic and environment adaptation at national, regional or international level
  • Operational variations introduced by newly-hired operators or facility managers
  • Significant changes made by confirmed major tenants or third party investors
  • Space Program

    We understand the importance of optimizing and ensuring the most appropriate use of the internal space of your project while accommodating your required processes and workflows, to create the environment you desire. 

    We ensure a safe and productive setting for your project with our effective planning and innovative solutions, promoting interaction among people, technology and the operational environment. 

    Our approach takes all design factors into consideration, including project goals, space allocation criteria, circulation and workflow, design constraints, security and privacy issues, and flexibility to accommodate your future space needs. Our teams ensure optimum usage of space, while complying with the highest codes of practice, covering:

  • Schematic representation
  • Interior detailing
  • Materials & finishes
  • Spatial design
  • Space & schematic furniture plans
  • Application of ergonomics 
  • Fixtures & equipment
  • Interior Design

    We combine artistry with scientific innovation when designing a project that is architecturally unique yet functionally practical, while meeting the stringent requirements of the construction sector. Our solutions give your design spaces function, beauty and form, while always bearing in mind your needs and ensuring quality delivery. 

    We develop innovative design concepts using the historic traditions of different regions integrated with modern technology. Our team covers all aspects and areas of interior design including: 

    • Contract creation
    • Management
    • Tender evaluations
    • Construction documentation reviews
    • Design services
    • Installation services
    • Construction inspections & handover

    Sustainability Consulting

    Our goal is to identify effective solutions to sustain the life of your project, adding economic, social and environmental value. We integrate green solutions throughout the planning, design, construction and operation of your project.

    We are committed to creating efficient, high-performance, climate-responsive buildings that are internationally recognized through green building certification. Working closely with you, we can translate your sustainability vision into a plan and integrate sustainable design throughout the entire development of your project.

    We offer consultancy for:

    • Green building rating
    • Green building certification
    • Energy analysis
    • Green branding & outreach assistance
    • Education & training


    Using our team’s extensive experience and knowledge of local and regional architecture, we actively integrate BIM to maximize the quality and performance of your project, eliminating waste and reducing risks. The use and integration of BIM has become standard practice at ASTAD.

    We are capable of simplifying multidimensional model management while bringing our team’s data, model data and project data together on a single online platform, providing better efficiency through shared information, more control, greater predictability, reduced risk and greater management of conflicts for your project.

    Our BIM approach keeps in mind various factors that are essential for managing any changes that may arise, providing a proactive approach to ensure high-quality services and maximum return on investment.

    Our four factors:

    • Engineering & AECO process
    • Technologies
    • Standards & policies
    • Behavior & people practices 


    Having worked on some of the most complex building and infrastructure projects, we solve engineering challenges by analysing potential threats while always aiming to reduce construction costs and delays. 

    Our specialist engineers use their experience and industry knowledge to deliver excellent outcomes for your project while always maintaining sustainability and safety.

    Our team works closely with you as a partner to achieve an integrated approach, maintaining the overall efficiency of your project while working to ensure your goals are met.

    Starting from project initiation, to design, construction and hand-over, we provide our services throughout the entire development of your project, collaborating with all stakeholders every step of the way.

    Value Engineering

    We solve problems and achieve a balance between function, performance, quality, safety and cost, while improving the overall performance and quality of your project. 

    We use a methodical approach to analyse and improve products and processes throughout your project's design phase. Our team seeks solutions that eliminate waste and lessen lifecycle costs, to maximize the value of your project.

    We fully understand your needs and generate the best ideas to perform required functions, creating concepts and preparing the most valuable options. The broad range of experience and industry expertise of our team enables us to offer the most cost-effective solutions. The Value Engineering process is developed through six phases:

    • Information
    • Analysis
    • Ideation
    • Evaluation
    • Development
    • Presentation 


    We ensure your project is technologically and environmentally advanced, built to last, and fit for purpose, while meeting your vision and goals. We take a practical approach, building flexibility into our services to accommodate any changes that may arise throughout a project lifecycle. 

    Our teams work in close collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure that all are following the agreed designs, technical standards, best practices and regulatory requirements while always integrating sustainability, constructability and architectural requirements.

    In line with your goals, we assess:

  • Constructability
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Future-proofing
  • Operational maintainability
  • Serviceability
  • Safety
  • Value for money
  • Quantity Surveying

    We provide you with engineering solutions, feasibility studies, procurement of materials and services, cost planning and tender preparation and management.
    We structure your procurement management and procedures, putting in place the best tendering practices, tender evaluation procedures and cost control measures for your project. 
    Our quantity surveyors are experienced in the various standard conditions of contracts used in projects involving local and international Clients, Consultants and Contractors. We tailor our Quantity Surveying services to meet your specific needs and objectives to ensure we deliver the best solutions.
    quantity surverying.jpg

    Construction supervision

    We have extensive experience integrating, managing, coordinating and facilitating the execution of major projects. Our team carries out regular technical and quality audits on contractors involved in the implementation and execution of projects. We ensure the timely delivery of projects while minimizing risks and construction miscalculations. 

    Our Construction Supervision services include human resource management, project scope, schedule and time management, integration and interface management, communications management, quality assurance and quality management, quality planning and quality control, resources management, documentation management, contracts management, change management, health, safety & environment and security management.
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    Facility Management

    We always keep the long-term preservation of buildings and equipment in mind, fulfilling all your comfort and safety needs by supporting and improving the effectiveness of your facility’s primary activities. 
    Using our expertise and market knowledge, we provide specialist services like workplace management to energy consultancy, delivering bespoke solutions to suit your needs and corporate objectives. 
    With a focus on preventive and sustainable maintenance, our team provides systematic tracking of works that are carried out in your facility, implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.
    facility management.jpg

    Staff Augmentation

    We understand that changes throughout the development of a project may arise, resulting in an increased workload. Our staff augmentation services are flexible and ready to meet any of your business requirements.
    We evaluate existing staff and provide skilled professionals to work under your direction, offering an experienced, efficient and collaborative approach to staffing. Our team helps you manage staff needs and fill skill gaps to meet aggressive project timelines. 
    As a true partner, we support your business goals with technical industry experience that accelerates the development of your project, promoting faster turnover and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training.
    staff augmentation.jpg