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Project Overview

A home for tech companies and an incubator for start-ups, The Qatar Science and Technology Park aims to encourage companies from around the world to develop their technology in Qatar, supporting entrepreneurs with the launch of their businesses.
Working in partnership with our Client, we provided Project and Construction Management Consultancy to ensure the successful development and delivery of this project. Located in the Al Rayyan District of Qatar it is made up of three buildings covering 115,000m2 of development.
The design is contemporary, while reflecting Qatari history and culture, creating a fusion of modern and traditional architecture.
This project has three buildings, a business center, an administration office and tenant areas. The aesthetic spread of the buildings echoes the symmetry of patterns in Islamic art. The facility provides flexible space that can be extended, enlarged, and interchanged as the need arises.
The buildings are surrounded by double-skin façades and include elaborate internal chambers. The unique wave-like ‘veil’ roof structure uses perforated aluminium that runs along the front end of the site and the structure, providing shelter from the sun. Additionally, it links the buildings and encourages people to move freely between the activity hubs in the tenant building, atrium and the Incubator Center.