In light of QGBC’s Sustainability Week, ASTAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Energy Agency yesterday to further promote ASTAD’s commitment to best sustainable practices.

The MOU, which was signed at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) on Monday 14 November, paves the way for bilateral cooperation and joint strategic objectives aimed at continuous knowledge sharing and the improvement of energy management strategies and energy efficiency for buildings.

On the occasion ASTAD Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Ali Al-Khalifa, said:

This agreement reflects our continued advocacy for sustainability within the construction industry. As founding members of the Qatar Green Building Council, this agreement is an additional step forward in ASTAD’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

ASTAD’s head of sustainability Shk. Soud Al-Thani stated: “We look forward to working together with the Korea Energy Agency using a comprehensive approach through initiatives that encourage sustainable practices for green building design and development in Qatar.”

Executive Director of the Korea Energy Agency, In Taek Kim stated: “As a global energy organization, this MOU falls in line with our efforts to contribute to the transformation of Qatar into a low energy consumption society with a culture of efficient energy usage. We hope that with ASTAD we can enhance the energy efficiency of buildings and transportation.”


Since its establishment in 1980, Korea Energy Agency has been at the forefront of efficient and rational energy use in Korea, as a silent guardian of Korea’s sound economic development and better quality of life.

ASTAD has managed and delivered some of Qatar’s most complex building and infrastructure projects in various sectors of the construction industry. They have covered Education, Healthcare, Sports, Commercial, Residential and Transport, bringing together all the necessary components required to build a booming nation with a bright future to look forward to.