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Contracts Specialist

Contracts SpecialistQS, Claims, Compliance & ADR

Toidentify significant contractual issues, review, analyse, advise and direct theentire integrated contracting process as well as providing high level strategyimplementation together with the development of model contracts and proceduresand to act as legal, risk and compliance adviser to sponsoring departments andmanagement
  • Legal Advise on Contracts
    Provide legal advise on critical issues and develop essential contractual provisions and processes.
    • Provide contractual expertise and implementation advice.
    • Implementation of strategic contractual opportunities.
  • Risk Management
    Analyse and advise on obligations of high risk and visibility. Final revision and endorsement of contracting documentation.
    • Provide high level contract interpretation and contractual risk management guidance.
  • Contract Documents
    Provide essential input and advice on development of model contracts, contract templates and models, terms, conditions and appendices.
    • Develop and adapt comprehensive contract documents required for various types of works and services.
  • Compliance
    Render advice and support to compliance officer in review and development of all procedures.
    • Ensure compliance to relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures by entire contracts department.
    • Interact with external agencies and ensure compliance to regulations.
  • Training
    Impart formal training in contract expertise. Provide guidance and leadership on contractual matters to cross functional team members.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Knowledge:

  • BSc or BA in Law, or similar discipline and preferably an MBA or LLM (preferably in construction law) plus chartered membership of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and/or Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), or directly equivalent national institution,


  • 15 years experience in contracting either as a Contracts Specialist, Contracts or Commercial Manager with extensive claims and dispute resolution experience of which at least 5 years practice should be demonstrated as a senior legal counsel/adviser in an international project management or construction business.

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