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Director, Asset & Facility Management Market Sector

Director, Asset & Facility Management Market Sector

ASTAD is seeking a recognizable, hands-on expert in the industry as thesenior manager for the burgeoning Asset & Facilities Management Sector. Thedesired candidate will have 20-plus years of experience in Asset &Facilities Management to be the firm’s Asset & Facilities ManagementBusiness Unit Manager in the market segment and to develop and implementorganizational and business planning, sector sales, unit strategy and to manageoperations and delivery that encompasses positioning for new opportunities,clients, relations, supporting the sector with locating the right technicalexpertise, and working along with operations for client satisfaction duringimplementation. Based in Qatar, this position will be working jointly withASTAD’s existing and expanding geographic regions and corporate seniormanagement.

The SME will lead strategic andnew business development efforts including client and team development in thisPractice Discipline as well as provide initial Project Direction and ProjectLeadership, if required.
  • Develop and implement the account management strategy for ASTAD’s emerging Asset & FM Business Unit.
  • Lead and manage the functional Business Unit and its operational, strategic and marketing efforts including Profit & Loss responsibilities.
  • Provide support to the geographic regional BD Teams and account management.
  • Focus primarily on growing the business both from a strategic and a tactical perspective.
  • Assess the market conditions and trends and applies this knowledge to anticipate the scope and timing of major market movements and position the firm to take advantage of emerging opportunities and counter our competitor’s positioning.
  • Be the firm’s principal subject matter expert in this specific Practice Discipline and to develop and implement a corporate strategy encompassing business development operations and client satisfaction working jointly with ASTAD’s existing and other geographic regions and corporate senior management.
  • Lead and support the identification, qualification and prioritization for pursuing and winning major projects and programs across all regions and provides on-going proactive support to manage delivery risk throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Lead the development of the Sector Strategic Growth Plan process and annual updates, including input to budget process and advises on periodic review and re-allocation of funds to meet changing market needs, if necessary.
  • Principal corporate approver at appropriate Go and No-Go decision gate for strategic pursuits.
  • Conduct Client, internal and external presentations, direct meetings and marketing campaigns.
  • Manage and leverage alliances with our partners.
  • Constantly obtain information regarding our competitor’s identifiable weaknesses.
  • Advise and build the internal discipline team and capability.
  • Attract develop and retain leading market sector professionals.
  • Provide start-up and feasibility management teams.
  • Advise Operations, Program and Project Management efforts.
  • Engage professional organizations and industry events which enhance the firm’s reputation and international market profile.
  • Support the development of our external brand and reputation.
  • Support consistent quality in service delivery to meet or exceed client expectations.
  • Support the corporate teaming or acquisition process by identifying and integrating synergistic firms.
  • Support the development of ASTAD’s geographic and personnel diversity and helps expand the company’s influence internationally.
  • Moderate travel required

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Knowledge:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Business Management required.
  • Advanced Degree in related practice specialty field and BIFM Level 6 (UK); IFMA (FMP); or BOMI (FMC), Professional Accreditation preferred.


  • 20 years of experience in a similar work environment.
  • Minimum 5 years of MENA Region Experience preferred.

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