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We Value Talent

Our people get to work on major projects; they build respectful partnerships, improve their agility and advance their careers. 

Our pool of talent delivers innovative outcomes with a focus on excellence. We promote a culture that inspires and recognizes smarter ways of working. We actively encourage all of our employees to improve their capabilities and celebrate their successes. 

We are committed to encouraging employee development, providing a high quality working environment conducive to delivering excellent outcomes. 

Hard working professionals driven by passion, commitment and expertise is key to our success.
They are our biggest assets. 

Qatarization and corporate learning

In support of fulfilling the Qatar National Vision 2030 - Developing local talent plays an integral role at ASTAD and is an imperative aspect of our vision to support Qatar's youth as Qatar's leading national project management and design consultancy.

We partner graduates with specialized ASTAD mentors to help Qataris reach their full potential, with the provision of scholarships, training programs and internships structured to provide a platform for continuous growth.

Our aim is to attract, recruit and empower young Qataris who are capable of contributing to our award winning company, providing them with comprehensive development plans to lay the foundation for a long-lasting career within the construction industry.

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