Q.1 What is SANAD?

  Q.2 Why has ASTAD drafted SANAD as there are other existing and established international contracts such as FIDIC, and local derivatives?

  Q.3 What is/are the advantage(s) of me using SANAD?

  Q.4 Who is using SANAD?

  Q.5 How does SANAD stand out in comparison with other contracts?

  Q.6 Where can I buy SANAD? How much does it cost?

  Q.7 Does SANAD fully comply with the Laws of Qatar including the Tender Law 2015?

  Q.8 Can I use SANAD for all my projects, large and small?

  Q.9 I have a need for a contract to manage time based “call off” services. Can I use SANAD?

  Q.10 I have queries about SANAD, who do I contact?

  Q.11 Does ASTAD provide training for the usage of SANAD?

  Q.12 How does SANAD define “Claim” and “Dispute”?

  Q.13 What is the Dispute Resolution /Dispute Avoidance mechanism in SANAD?

  Q.14 How are Claims managed in SANAD?

  Q.15 Do you have provision for Liquidated Damages in SANAD?

  Q.16 How is Extension of Time managed in SANAD?

  Q.17 Is the Early Warnings provision in SANAD the same as in NEC?

  Q.18 How is Payment managed under SANAD?

  Q.19 How is post termination being managed?

  Q.20 What is covered under the Audit Rights?

  Q.21 How does SANAD deal with Novation and Assignment of Contractors/Sub-Contractors?

  Q.22 How are Substantial Completion and Completion defined in SANAD?

  Q.23 What happens when the Contractor is faced with Adverse Site Conditions after commencing the Works?

  Q.24 What are Adverse Site Conditions in SANAD?

  Q.25 What is a Contractor Declaration Statement?

  Q.26 What is a Subcontractor’s Declaration Statement?



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